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i want cake!

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periods are such bullshit! and what's even better is that i recently found out that when you are on birthcontrol (hormones) the "period" that you get isnt even a real period! its withdrawl bleeding, or something like that. and its not even necessarry. wtf! boo! i think the doctors are just boneheads and made it up. cuz if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...its a motherfucking duck! 

god i really want some chocolate cake!!

so my BFFs get here on thrusday! i can not wait to see their faces!

in other news DJ is doing great. in fact he's gonna be in chicago on thrusday. on one hand yay becuase he has not been to his hometown in years. but on the other hand boo cuz i wanted him to meet my friends. oh well. he also asked me to keep an eye on his cat while he's gone. i dont konw why but i feel pretty...honored doesnt seem like the right word but you know what i mean. he loves that cat and he's leaving me with the responsibilty of making sure she doesnt die. i think that's pretty sweet.
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