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baby where'd you get your body from?

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ok so halloween last week was fun. hung out with ben and his friends (who are slowly becoming my friends). it was cool we went to the beta bar which was surprisingly packed. and all the freaks went there too so i saw some interesting costumes.

i was home this past weekend that was alright. there was some drama like there always is. its funny  parents always want there children to be happy but dont kids want the same thing for their parents? i know i do. 

saw american gangster this weekend. A-mazing. you should really go see it such an interesting story and you almost develop sympathy for a freaking heroin dealer. plus denzel washington is the best actor.

so im making some changes in my life. hopefully for the better. that's all im gonna say for now. i'll let you know how it goes

last night i had dinner with ben's parents. they are two of the sweetest people i have ever met. ever! their house is so cute and perfect. it was a really nice time. i even got an invite for thanksgiving and im just crazy enough to take them up on it. but im nervous. thanksgiving is a major holiday and this is a guy who we are together but there is nothing official... i dont know. i hope i made a good impression.

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