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so long...

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i had a really nice christmas. everyone loved their gifts. and i got tons of stuff that i really needed. i got to hang out with jenna for a day. i love that girl and im glad i got to see her and linda for christmas. i love those girls and jacqui too. but im always a little sad when they leave.

yesterday i went to ben's parents church. it was amazing! ben's mom gave a wonderful sermon about authentic christians v. casual christians. it was a very strong message and i left knowing that being an authentic christian is the only way to be. we all had lunch afterwards. it was nice. i love being around that family they have such awesome energy.

so new years this year is gonna be pretty lowkey. ben is spinning at tantra tonight until one and his sister is having a party at her house. and even tho im not drinking dom and taking thousands of shots of patron on south beach with my girls, there is nowhere else id rather spend my nye. 

so as 2007 comes to a close im reminded of a year where i had a lot of highs an a lot of lows. in a lot of ways im glad to see this year go. i suffered a lot this year. i experienced things i never thought i would. but i did manage to gain a lot of personal insight. i have a newfound love for my life and the people in it. a hot boy and a hot haircut arent bad either =)

for 2008 i hope to accomplish:
buying a new car
building stronger relationships with my friends and family
developing a relationship with God
gettting started on a career in teaching
gaining more real confidence 

i am very optimistic about this coming year
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