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 ...so first thing's first:


^ i made it orange so its kinda halloweeny. love you!

ok so that boy im seeing, ben well i finally got to see his face last night! yay! he was in chicago this past weekend and he got back on monday but he's been so crazy busy. anyway so not only did he get me a pencil but i also got a baby hookah! and that may not seem like a huge deal but i only asked for a pencil and he saw the little hookah and thought of me! very thoughtful i love that.

umm halloween is right aroudn the corner. im gonna throw together a slammin cosutme for some party tonight.

in other news my bosses just gave everyone a bottle of wine! that's what the fuck im talking about. i cant wait to be hammered tonight!  :D

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On October 28th, 2007 01:21 am (UTC), hockeybelle commented:
Aw, thanks!!! :)
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