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 ok so im taking steps to improve my life. its just something i gotta do and im finally motivated. im just sick of feeling....unfulfilled. so here is a list of things im gonna make routine:

wake up no later than 8am
dress like a professional everyday for work
make my bed everyday
eat regularly
keep my house clean
keep my car clean
start reading again
take pringle outside more
actually go to the gym

i know its stuff that normal people normally do but they are not routine activites with me and id like to make them routine. so im gonna give myself a a few days to get everything together and then im really gonna do it. im so excited!

in other news everything is going alright. i cant wait for christmas i wrapped all my presents last night i cant wait for everyone to open them!

i dyed my hair last week! you cant really tell unless im standing in the sun but the color is called egyptian plum. its neat! i think im gonna get a haircut on friday...something with bangs. ive been feelin it lately.

ben is good. tho we had a little moment saturday night. i kind of overreacted but whatever we talked on sunday afternoon and everything is fine. my freakin christmas party for work was on saturday ben was my date. it was a lot of fun. he looked so handsome! 

ok that's all for now

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