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'tis the season to be jolly...

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ok so not much has been going in the past couple weeks. work has been nice. tho since its the holidays there are so many goodies being brought to the office. its a wonder that i havent put on 10 pounds yet. the weather is finally getting a little chillier so it actually feels like christmas time.

i got my hair cut. well its more like i got bangs. i havent had bangs since i was 13. i love this haircut! its really edgy and high fashion. i havent seen anyone with anything like it. :)

ben is good. im opening up to him more lately. its nice.

linda was here this past weekend. she flew home to orlando for christmas and then drove all the way up to miserable tallahassee just to see me. so sweet of her. we hung out. she and ben finally got to meet and they got along great! it was so important to me. for some reason i was a little nervous. cuz ben has never seen me around any of my freinds. not that im different when im with him but not very many people can handle me and the girls. he was sweet and so was she. 

i cant wait for christmas! im at work now and i just wanna go home! i got such great stuff for everyone..im so excited to see their reactions. ben and i exchanged gifts last night. i got him a few sweaters that he loved and he got me this awesome zip-up red hoodie. i love it! its brand ive never heard of, "triple five soul", it fits perfectly and is really warm. its one of the coolest things i have. my baby did such a great job :D

ok well i hope yall are staying warm and are having a merry christmas!
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