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it starts at my toes...

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first off... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SABRINA! i hope the "real world" is treating you well

well i had a really amazing weekend. it was simple but really really sweet. ben and i spent a whole lot of time together. friday night i went to happy hour with holly and the guy she's sorta seeing. his name is mikey and he's older, 37 but he seemed sweet and really into her so it was cool. service was terrible tho! isaturday i went with him out to his parents new church to help set the building. we mainly moved all the chairs from his parents house to the church and we were only there for a couple hours but it was fun. his parents are always really sweet. 

after that we went to wal-mart so he could pick up some groceries. so much fun! ive never been to wal-mart with a boy. it felt really...i dont know, couple-y. i even got him to buy aveeno face wash! it was cute. he wound up buying a turkey (random i know) to cook on sunday. then we went back to his place unloaded and smoked a hookah outside. i went home that night in the best mood.

sunday woke up for church, it was ben's first sunday back playing the drums so i was really excited to see him do his thing. and worship lasted for over an hour that morning! it was great. so then the pastor got up there and delivered an awesome sermon about forgiveness. i got up with ben for lunch after church. we got up later for dinner. he did a great job on the turkey and my mashed potatoes were amazing! then we watched resident evil. 

but yeah best weekend in a while.

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