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im sleepy today

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anyway so everything has been everything for the past few weeks.

i was diagnosed with depression exactly 2 weeks ago. ive been seeing a therapist. i think its helping..but its such a short time so it's hard to tell. 

ben is great. we've been talking a whole lot of small talk lately which is cute. im like really really fully comfortable around him. ya know? like i feel like i dont have to be cool around him. not that i was putting on an act before...but you know what its like when you meet a boy in the begining. anyway, im past all that.

so ive decided to attend Transforming Life Church full time, that's ben's parents church. im excited, they are just starting out and so am i. they are super sweet folks and i have learned a lot from them already. and im very happy to be at a place where i feel needed. evangel was great but i was just another face in the crowd. this way going to church will be even more personal. im excited

i dyed my hair jet black...it looks cool!

ok i guess that's all for now
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