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umm...hello? is this thing on?

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so its been years since i updated this thing. ive been really neglecting LJ as of late but here's what's going on right now.

ben and i are great! that boy is as sweet as pie and i like him more than chocolate cake...which says a lot cuz i really like chocolate cake. and im really bonding well with his family. its nice and im glad they have welcomed my so warmly into the group. my mom came a few weeks ago and i brought her to church she really like it and his family loved her. she was also here for easter last weekend and we had a nice family dinner. i love stuff like that. im just very happy to be a part of it.

church is wonderful. more and more people are visiting, we are developing into quite the group. and on wednesday nights im getting personally dicipled by beverly. i love her so much! she has such positive energy and she's always so full of joy. she is the best person to be around. i thank God everyday for her.

what else is new? oh yeah! 2 weeks ago i quit that miserable job at pearson and myers. i had to get out of there and now im working at the same company that ben's sister works (coaxis international). it an IT company and its very similar to my job at FSU but i think i'll actually learn something here, which is always a good thing. i love nepitism! but timing really coudlnt have been more perfect and its not like im not qualified to do the job. but im excited...my first day was yesterday and its been great so far

ben's birthday party is this saturday and i have no idea what to wear!
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